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Still Have Questions?

Browse through our FAQs section to know more about delivery services. For any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us!


Are toll charges and parking charges included in the fare?

Does Uncle Delivery provide labor along with pickup and drop locations?

What is the maximum distance that Uncle Delivery provides services for?

Can I book a service in advance?

Who is responsible for generation and maintenance of E-way bills during transit?

What happens if a trip is canceled? What are the cancellation charges and policy?

How do I contact the Uncle Delivery support team?

How would I know my fare charges & bill amount?

Can I place a booking with multi-point pickup and drop?

Can I track my vehicle status?

What are the restrictions on the types of products I can ship?

Do you provide POD for the shipment?

Driver Partner

Do we have any waiting charges?

How to top up my Uncle Delivery wallet?

How do I request for the wallet amount to be transferred to my bank account?

What are the No Entry Timings in Delhi for Uncle Delivery Vehicles?

What if I have forgotten my password? How do I reset my password?

Is overloading allowed?

How to deactivate my account?

I want to refer my friends to Uncle Delivery Express. How can I do that?

What are your Customer Service Team's working hours? How do I contact the Uncle Delivery support team?

What is service quality? What happens if my service quality level is low?

How do I improve my service quality level?

How can I improve my rating?

When will my ID be activated?

If my ID is permanently banned, what should I do to unban my ID?

How do I handle unexpected delays or issues during a delivery?

What are the cancellation charges and policy?