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How do I make an order with Uncle Delivery?
Download the Uncle Delivery from the app store on your mobile phone. Then simply follow the instructions in the app to make your first order and match with a delivery driver.
How quickly will you match me with a delivery driver?
We can match you with a nearby delivery driver in just a few seconds!
How much does it cost?
The Uncle Delivery app instantly calculates the cost of your delivery before you confirm the order, giving you a simple and transparent price every time. The distance between the pick up and drop off point as well as the type of vehicle you select all affect the cost of each delivery. Input your order details in the app to find out the cost now.
Becoming a driver
How do I become a driver with Uncle Delivery?
Submit your phone number in the driver form here to get started. The process is quick and simple, just follow the registration steps and you’ll be taking orders and earning money in no time.
How much can I earn?
It all depends on how many orders you choose to deliver. Take as many or as few orders you want to, with no minimum requirement.
Do I have to make a minimum number of deliveries per day?
No, you’re free to make as many or as few deliveries as you choose. Take more on the days when you have time and don’t take any on days when you are busy.